Feature Comparison

This table compares the feature sets of the Free and Pro versions of the Bellows Accordion Menu WordPress Plugin

Free Pro
Fully functional accordion menu

Create a hierarchical menu with expandable submenus, stacked in a vertical column

Multiple levels

Create multiple levels of nested menu items

Skin presets

Preset menu style options

3 20
Multi- or single-folding

Allow more than one submenu to expand at once

Expand current cubmenu

Automatically expand the submenu of the current menu item when the page loads

Shortcode integration

Add the menu to your site via a shortcode

Widget integration

Add Bellows menus to your site via widget

Control menu styles via Customizer

Use the WordPress Customizer to set and preview colors, spacing, and more

Customize individual menu item styles

Set text and background colors, font sizes and custom spacing for individual menu items

Advanced menu item content

Add Font Awesome Icons to your menu items


Add images to your menu items

Custom Content

Add custom text, HTML, or shortcodes to your menu items


Add widgets to your menu items

Menu Management
Multiple configurations

Create multiple configurations, so you can control and style multiple accordion menus independently


Automatically generate menu contents based on post or term hierarchies

Menu Generator UI w/ menu preview

Generate your WordPress menu or autopopulation-based menu, select your configuration, preview the result, and generate the shortcode or PHP

Save re-usable menus

Save your menu as a re-usable shortcode, so that you can change settings for that menu without re-copying the shortcode

And more
"Show More" content reveal functionality

Add a "show more" toggle within your submenu to reveal extra menu items

Ability to disable links, disable text, set custom URLs, shortcode-based URLs, choose icon toggles, and more!